Cusmin Custom Admin for WordPress Plugin Review

Completely Update The Look And Feel Of A WordPress Website Dashboard. We Found Cusmin To Be The Most Comprehensive WP Plugin To Completely Customize The Look And Feel Of Your WordPress Dashboard. A Plugin Ideal For Web Designers And Developers Who Want To Personalize And Brand The WP Dashboard.

Cusmin plugin is the #1 WordPress plugin in our opinion for updating the WordPress dashboard.

Ideal for web design and development professionals and agencies who want personalize and present the back-end of WP professionally upon handover to the client.

Cusmin is the ideal plugin to create a personalized, branded and custom back-end experience for your users. Completely customized admin bar, admin menu, login page, dashboard widgets and more!

MBS Review: The #1 WordPress plugin for customizing the back-end admin and dashboard area of your WordPress website.


We’ve tested several plugins for WordPress admin and dashboard customization, and though all of them had their Pros and Cons, we found Cusmin to stand head and shoulders above the rest. There is a huge (HUGE!) amount of functionality packed into this plugin, which is also lightweight. With Cusmin, we can handover a completely branded administrator dashboard experience to each client and user who uses one of our websites. From tailoring the colors of WordPress, to hiding certain plugins and areas you don’t want all users to access, the plugin proved worth the money for the PRO version. Highly recommended for web developers and designers who want to provide their clients with a beautiful, custom and branded back-end WordPress dashboard experience.

Top Features:

  Personalize The Admin Menu
  • We loved the ‘Settings Colorizer’ whereby we could completely update the color scheme of WordPress. Have a look on the left at how we used the Cusmin plugin to update one of our WP websites.
  • Other functions include the ability to hide separators, icons, sub-menu arrows, and the collapse button.
  • Rename or hide the top menu sub items.
  • Customize the top bar or sub-menu bar items.
  • Configure capability options for user types.
  • Compatible with Font Awesome and Material Icons.
  • Customize the colors of all your menu icons and tabs.
  • Also option to hide the menu completely and use admin bar instead.
Customization of Admin Bar
  • Custom links capability, and the option to hide and show items you don’t need / want.
  • Customize all colors.
Branded Login Page
  • Customize the standard WP login page with a background image, or color scheme of your choice. Update the login form as per your branding.
  • You can also add your own logo, change location of login box, and add rounded corners.
Multi-Configure & Security
  • Multiple configurations, and supports custom groups, users and capabilities.
  • Reuse settings on other sites.
  • Ability to change the look and feel of default WordPress login page to your brand.
Dashboard Widget Customization
  • Customize or hide the default WordPress widgets, and completely redo the look and feel of the dashboard. It’s awesome when you first signin and the look and feel of the dashboard is optimized. If you are a web designer, consider adding helpful videos and guides for your clients.

Have a look below at a sample re-branded WordPress dashboard:

  • Add custom colors or your own widgets. Also supports HTML.
  • Widget templates: Facebook, Pinterest, RSS, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Google, YouTube, Calendar, Weather.
Branding Colors
  • Possible to completely change all the colors of the WP dashboard, from the icons and colors, to the menu, tabs, and default WP branding.
Remove Post Type Meta (Such as Boxes & Table Columns)
  • Hide meta you don’t want to be visible, such as specific columns from all tables in posts, pages, comments, plugins, etc.
  • Hide table columns from 3rd party plugins.
Other Settings
  • Sync settings accross different sites, which helps a lot if you are a website designer or developer who manages multiple sites for your clients.
  • There are multiple configurations and options, such as for user sets.
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