2020 MBS Business & Personal Planner

A To The Point, Practical, Useful Planner To Help You Manage Your Business & Day-To-Day Activities More Effectively And Productively In 2020

2020 Business Planner Designed Specifically for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remotes & Startups

Have you searched high and low for a Business Planner that includes everything from goal setting, affirmations, finance overview, to a year planner and business detail management?

The MBS Business Planner was designed specifically for Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Remotes, Location Independents, Startups, Founders, Side Hustlers, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs in mind. We got rid of all the fluff and unnecessary stuff usually included in planners, and replaced those pages with practical, helpful and strategic pages to help you keep track of your personal and business goals, and day-to-day to-dos’.

The comprehensive MBS Business Planner was created by full-time freelancers and entrepreneurs Marie-Berdine Steyn and Rakesh Nagda (owners and founders of FDN Life and MBS), after they struggled to find a planner that was tailored to their specific needs as freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs. As such, the MBS Business Planner came to live, and was designed specifically to help you run your FDN business more strategically, practically and productively in 2020.

“We designed the MBS Business Planner to be more than a planner. The MBS Business & Planner is in essence also a helpful guide to structuring and setting up a business, as well as teach organizational & developmental skills . “

Key Features:

  • ECO Paper
  • Cover Options
    (4 Cover Options or Customized Your Own)
  • 3-Year Calendar
  • Important Dates & Licences
  • 2020 Year Planner
  • Vision Board
  • My Ultimate Goals
  • My Personal & Business Goals 2020
  • My Affirmations
  • My Business 2020
    (Includes sections for My Business Details, My Bank Details, My Bank Accounts, My Payment Platforms, My Finances, My Services, My Products.)
  • My Finances 2020
    (Month-to-Month Income, Expenses, Variance & Goals, Financial Comparison 2017-2020)
  • My Branding Guide
    (Includes sections for your Business Name, Slogan, Business Description, Brand Fonts, Colours, Font Sizes & Logo area.)
  • Month-to-Month My Goals & To-Do List
    Monday to Sunday Full-Day Planner – 24-Hours
    (Including sections for Notes, Client List, Important-To-Do’s and Thank You.)
  • Family & Emergency Contacts
    (Section includes your contact details, family & emergency contacts)
  • Business Contacts Section

More Than A Planner

The MBS Business Planner is more than your regular planner. We created the planner so that even if you are just starting out as a freelancer or business owner, you could complete all the front pages to help you visualize and establish your first business.

The Goals section focus on your ultimate goals in life, both personally and for your business. (Ultimate Goals are those goals that you desperately want to achieve in life, no matter what. These goals would make your life worthwhile and worth living for.)

The Vision Board is meant for pasting images or creation a visual board that you could visit every day to keep you motivated.

Use the My Business section to create the information pertaining to your business, together with your services and products.

Keep track of your monthly income and expenses through the My Finances section, while the Contacts section is at the very back of the planner.

MBS-Business-Planner-Navy Blue
MBS Business Planner Navy Blue

Create Your Own Cover

Want your own customized cover image for your Business Planner?

$10.00 – Add your own background image to our design.

FREE – Add your name, family name and/or contact details on front cover when you choose Customize Cover Option upon checkout.

Cover Option 4 - Spring Bird in Green
Cover Option 4 - Spring Bird in Green

Order Planners For Your Whole Team / Company

Discount rates and special customisation applies to bulk orders for your staff, company or friends ordering together. Please contact us to arrange bulk orders and customization as per your preference. Customization of a single cover for all your company business planners is free. We can also add each person’s name on the front cover to distinguish planners and add a personal touch.

Select your cover option, or send us a background image and your personal details to customise your front cover as per your or company preference.

Current Shipping Locations

Please contact us if you do not see your shipping located indicated below. We’ll provide you with a shipping fee quotation for your country of choice.

Shipping prices may vary according to currency conversion or shipping company policy.

  • Australia
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  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
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  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • United Arab
  • Emirates

Estimated Days in Transit

See chart below for estimated transit time in business days. In addition, please allow 3-5 business days for printing of your business planner.
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