The Importance of Quality Water and Clean Air for The Human Body

Clean water and fresh air are the very basis of our existence.

Water and air, or rather clean water and fresh air, are the very basis of our existence. While the human body is made up of 60%+ water, our brain is composed of 73 %. It thus comes as no surprise that clean water is essential to the survival and health of our bodies and minds.

With 71% of our planet under water, 96.5% of said water is found in our oceans. If we, therefore, continue to pollute and fill our oceans with plastic, how are we going to ensure the supply of clean water to our bodies?

Furthermore, Perlman, (from the US Dept. of Interior), says that the very source of life is clean, fresh water. That leaves most earthbound life depending on the 3.5% fresh water found in rivers and polar caps.

We also need clean, fresh oxygen filler air to survive. But what do we have? Foul, polluted air – freely available everywhere.

Why Do We Need Fresh, Clean Air?

Have you ever heart someone saying: “go get some fresh air?”

Polluted air can have a detrimental effect our health, causing illnesses that could have been prevented, such as, lung and respiratory diseases.

Unfortunately, our lives is such that we are stuck indoors for most of the day. If we don’t open any windows to allow fresh, clean air into the home, building or office (if clean air is even available from outside), we run the risk of breating in unclean air caused by CO, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfer dioxide, Formaldehyde, Radon and secondhand smoke.

Some households are more polluted inside than outside! Our human bodies require fresh and clean air to enable it to produce new cells and to provide us with sustainable energy. (Hallelujah Diet)

“Oxygen increases the energy in our cells,” Rev. Malkmus wrote in his book.

“Polluted air can have a detrimental effect our health, causing illnesses that could have been prevented, such as, lung and respiratory diseases.”

Helpful Tips

There are a few practical steps that every one of us can take to ensure we live healthier lives:

  • Open windows in the morning to allow clean, fresh air into the building.
  • Remove elements that can cause a toxic indoor environment.
  • Go outside more often, perhaps on a walk, to ensure enough clean oxygen enters the body.
  • If it’s safe enough, sleep with open windows.
  • Should you live in an apartment, consider house plants known to purify air, such as a Bamboo Palm or Spider plants.
  • Following that, it’s easy to take your shoes off and if you have pets ensure that they are groomed. The same applies to their sleeping bags and food bowls.
  • Regularly clean living and working spaces.

Where Do We Get Clean, Fresh Water?

That solely depends on WHERE you live or WHAT you can afford. The water from your tap may be what you are using, but that is not necessary healthy for you, especially in certain African and Eastern countries. Naturally, if you can afford it, you may buy clear fresh bottled drinking water. In arid or desert regions the only source will be fountains or other ground water. The simplest way to purify is to use a piece of cloth to filter the water.

If your water source is from a river, make sure it’s RUNNING water. Avoid standing water at all cost. snow and ice are another source of fresh water. That is, if you are living in a related area. Rain water is normally a source of fresh water, but be careful if you are living in a mining area that is polluted with acid rain.

For a healthy existence the human body needs its quota of fresh water and unpolluted air. The bottom line however, depends on where you live and what your level of existence is. The well off can maintain a healthy lifestyle, although they often don’t. The poor and under developed suffers the most. That is where we

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