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What Is A Ghostwriter and When Should I Hire One?

“Have you ever wondered what a ghostwriter is, or how to go about hiring one? In this article we explore what the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a ghostwriter is, the costs involved, a some helpful advise to keep in mind when hiring.”

Ghostwriters are individuals who provide a writing service at a paid fee to a client. A client may request to have any type of content written, such as an article, manuscript, website content, SEO or blog, to name but a few.

Ghostwriters work anonymously and are paid for their effort and time but do not take any credit for the work he/she created on behalf of a client.

Most ghostwriters operate strictly under NDA where the terms, conditions, and compensation are stipulated and agreed upon, and signed by both the client and the ghostwriter.

The author (client) who receives credit and royalties for the work completed on his / her behalf by a ghostwriter, is indicated as the sole owner and creator of the work, and not the ghostwriter hired by the client.

Why Hire A Ghostwriter?

Although the practice of hiring a ghostwriter might seem strange, it is common in the world today. Manuscripts, such as the biographies or memoirs of most well-known public figures are written by ghostwriters.

The art of writing is not for everyone and takes time to master. Furthermore, the skill to create a ‘good book’ or ‘excellent website content’ is often a tedious and challenging process, that few individuals know how to execute successfully.

Individual who want to share their unique story with the of the world, but do not enjoy writing or don’t have the time to do so, hires a ghostwriter to do the writing on their behalf.

Ghostwriters are accustomed to many different writing styles and can be hired to write website content, articles for a business, or even blogs. Since it is basically a freelance profession whereby the client could hire the ghostwriter for a specific task, and once the task is done, the contract between both parties is complete. Today, freelance ghostwriters are often the go-to source for quality work, depending on what you are willing to pay of course. The more professional and accomplished the ghostwriter, the more expensive a ghostwriter’s fees will be.

The Top 5 Advantages Of Hiring A Ghostwriter

5 – Fast Turn-Around Time:

As writing is usually the main focus of a ghostwriter’s work, it becomes the main focus of their time as well. Not having to oversee a business or work with people, ghostwriters often produce content in a short amount of time.

4 – SEO Utilization:

Anyone that owns a website, might have come face to face with message after message that their ‘SEO’ is not up to scratch and needs improvement. A large part of online content writing today consists of Search Engine Optimization, which not many writers or individuals are accustomed to writing. An SEO ghostwriter who specializes or understands SEO knows all the tricks of the trade. Having SEO optimized content on a website help customers find a clients website more easily via improving their overall visibility and website ranking on search engines.

TIP: Ensure to hire a professional SEO ghostwriter who is well-trained and versed in writing SEO content.

“The ghostwriter ensure that the content a client requires is written to their specifications as far as possible. “

3 – They Offer Content That is of Value:

As much as a lawyer understands the law, ghostwriters are experts in the field of writing that they specialize in. Some ghostwriters are ‘do-it-allers’ in that they can write on almost any non-fiction topic, while others prefer to hone their skills in a specific genre, such as Romance Fiction Writing.

2 – Drafts:

Ghostwriters use what you give them and write up a draft for you, which you can then give back to the ghostwriter with comments. Their job is to bring your idea to life. The draft is good because it gives you a base idea of what to.

1 – You Can Focus On Your Work:

Rather than worrying about creating SEO optimized content for a website, or writing a biography, clients can focus their time on their business or hobbies while the ghostwriter does the heavy lifting.

The Top 5 Disdvantages Of Hiring A Ghostwriter

5 – Research:

Ghostwriters research all the information needed for the piece you want so that they can write accurately for you. The problem is that you are not the one doing the research which could have been beneficial to your personal growth.

4 – Cost:

Ghostwriting is a service provided to you. Thus the cost of the matter will be a factor to your task. Though it is not so expensive, your project budget will have to allow the use of a ghostwriter, a consideration that has to be made in advance.

3 – The Original Idea:

Even though ghostwriters live off writing, the original idea will always be yours, and they will not be able to give you precisely what you envisioned. There is always that little gap between what you imagined and what the final product is.

2 – Keep It Confidential:

Even though ghostwriters are commonplace today, some people still see ghostwriting as a form of fraud, which is unethical. You do not want people to see your company as such so using a ghostwriter should be a private matter for you.

1 – Unprofessional:

Another reason to keep the use of a ghostwriter private is that some might think you are unprofessional when they hear you do not write yourself. This is not a comment on you as many people are not confident in their writing, or simply do not have the time.

The Average Turn-Around Time for Ghostwriting

At an average of about 500 words per page, we can estimate the turn-around time depending on the writer’s experience, as:

Per 1,000 words: 12 – 24 Hours


Since each ghostwriter is different, the below time indications can vary. Turn-around time greatly depends on a ghostwriters own unique approach and work ethic, as well as ‘writing.’

It is best to consult with your ghostwriters about turn-around times before entering into an agreement. During our 10-years of experience in the industry, have we found the following minimum and maximum time-frames to apply:

  • Per 5,000 words: Min: 3 Work Days – Max: 10 Work Days
  • Per 10,000 words: Min: 5 Work Days – Max: 20 Work Days
  • Per 20,000 words: Min: 10 Work Days – Max: 30 Work Days
  • Per 30,000 words: Min: 15 Work Days – Max: 45 Work Days
  • Per 40,000 words: Min: 1.5 Months – Max: 3 Months
  • Per 50,000 words: Min: 3 Months – Max: 12 Months
  • Per 60,000 words: Min: 4 Months – Max: 14 Months
  • Per 70,000 words: Min: 5 Months – Max: 16 Months
  • Per 80,000 words: Min: 6 Months – Max: 18 Months
  • Per 100,000 words: Min: 8 Months – Max: 22 Months

“Ghostwriters research all the information needed for the piece you want so that they can write accurately for you. The problem is that you are not the one doing the research which could have been beneficial to your personal growth.”

The Average Revision Allowance

It really depends. Discuss this with your ghostwriter beforehand. Most often a writer will write a rough first draft. From there, a second and final draft is prepared in case of a shorter type article, blog or short eBook.

For longer manuscripts, expect several drafts and revisions.

When Should I Hire A Ghostwriter?

3 – Can’t Write:

If writing is not your forte, instead hire a ghostwriter. As the client, you will still receive credit as the author of the work, as well as any royalties originating from it if you publish the work.

2 – Time:

There are situations when deadline after deadline piles up and you do not have the time to write the blog you were assigned. This is when a ghostwriter can be useful.

1 – Style:

As mentioned before, writing styles do differ from task to task, thus when you are not acquainted with the writing style necessary for the task, a ghostwriter is the solution.

Top 5 Questions to Ask A Ghostwriter Before Hiring

5 – Price:

How much do you, or does your agency charge per word or per project? How much will this cost me?

4 – Time Frame:

I have a word limit of minimum X amount of words; how long will this amount of work take to complete?

3 – What is covered:

What does your service provide? Only the writing or is there more? Do the extras cost more or are they included?

2 – Research:

Will you, or your agency, be able to find all the needed information and be able to do all the research, or do I have to provide the information?

1 – Drafts:

Is there a set amount of drafts that you supply before the final product? Do you do the main editing of the drafts, or will I receive a final draft I need to have professionally edited?

What Does A Ghostwriter Service Not Include?

3 – Translation:

Most ghostwriters are not equipped with the skills to naturally translate work, using online translators themselves when information is not given in their own language. Thus, translation is not one of the services a ghostwriter naturally provides.

2 – Editing:

Ghostwriters are not editors, and often do not provide the edit of their final draft to you. Hiring an external editor to ensure the quality of the final draft will depend on the client.

1 – Research:

Yes, a ghostwriter will conduct research for you as part of their writing process; however, a client does not receive the research files / documents the ghostwriter used. The final draft is the final product the client receives.

The Average Cost When Hiring A Ghostwriter

Cost varies from country to country and from the ghostwriter or agencies level of experience. The following are simply estimates according to data and statistics, with values indicated as averages:

$0.10 – $1.00+; P/Hour: $25-$70+

£0.15 – £ 0.35+; P/Hour: £20 – £70+

$0.09 – $1.00+; P/Hour: $20 – 70+

R0.14 – R3.5O+; P/Hour: R70 – R500+

INR0.70 – INR25+; P/Hour: INR250 – INR1750+

If content writing is not for you, then a ghostwriter can help take your idea to realization. Providing you with well-written quality material for whatever purpose you may need. Keep in mind what your vision is, and a ghostwriter will help you realize it.

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